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Dental Assistant

Available Dental Assistant Certification Options

Dental assisting is a great career for those who would like to be in career where job openings are growing faster than average. The training period can be less than two years, so it doesn't take very long to get prepared for this career. Once you have completed an accredited Dental Assistant educational program, it would be wise to get certified. Those who are certified are the most sought after by dental offices. There are a few different options for certification.

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The Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) is the organization that offers Certified Dental Assistant and Certified Orthodontic Assistant qualifications. An exam needs to be passed in order to gain this qualification, and those who become certified will need to keep their certification current through continuing education or re-examination.

The exam required for becoming a Certified Dental Assistant consists of three parts. There is a General Chairside section, an Infection Control section, and a Radiation Health and Safety Section to the exam. Each of these sections can be taken separately, and as long as you pass all three within a five year period you can become certified.

The General Chairside section has pre-requisites, you need to prove that you are eligible in order to take this exam. There are three different ways to become eligible, one of which is to complete a Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredited educational program. These are available in most states.

The exam required for becoming a Certified Orthodontic Assistant consists of two parts, the Infection Control section and the Orthodontic Assisting section. There are four different ways to become eligible for the Orthodontic Assisting section of the exam. You need to pass both sections of the exam within five years in order to qualify for the certification.

The easiest way for a Dental Assistant to schedule their certification exams is to choose the computerized format since there are no set dates and times for these exams, you call a number to schedule them once you have been approved to take the exam. There are a wide variety of locations available. The Radiation Health and Safety and the Certified Dental Assistant Exam will be offered in a written format in June of each year at set dates and times in a number of locations for those who prefer a written format. Benefit from fantastic savings on zacks trade , just by taking a look at Colombia is an incredible destination to perform veneers, dentistry in Colombia is excellent and at a very low cost. Cost of veneers in Colombia think no more, the path to a perfect smile is clear, come to Colombia for your veneers.

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9 Opportunities of Being a Dental Assistant

By Scott Freedom
Most of the dentists will hire at least two dental assistants (DAs). Simple math, one dentist = two dental assistants. The number of DAs is surely more than dentists. There are so many tasks that a DA can do. Thus, the employment opportunities are definitely excellent.

Becoming a Physician's Assistant

By Alice Lane
If you are attracted to the field of medicine as a career but find the financial requirements (an average of $140,000 of educational debt facing you upon graduation) daunting, you might consider becoming a physician's assistant. According to Money magazine, physician's assisting is number thirty out of the top fifty jobs...

Solving the Salary Mysteries of a Dental Assistant

By Colin McLean
Common questions: How much does a dental assistant make, and what is a dental assisting salary? When deciding upon a career, questions about salary range are usually at the top of the list.

Dental Marketing - Why You Need to Become a Dental Assistant

By Joan Geyser
Dental marketing Assistant offers you an excellent career dealing with people. You will generally be working under a number of dentists. This sort of career will let you interact with many people as well as get to see various dental procedures take place first hand. This career allows you the opportunity to take part in offering dental care and also comfort and ease to patients.

Your Dental Assistant Questions Answered

By Mike Selvon
The healthcare field has had a rough time in the last five years. There are far more patients now and there are more vacant job positions. There is a great need for more people to fill doctor, nurse, nursing assistant, dentist and dental assistant roles than ever before.

Dental Assistant | Dental Hygienist Schools In Texas | Expanded Function Dental Assistant | Orthodontist Assistant Salary | Delmar's Dental Assisting | Dental Assistant Jobs In Mn | Dental Chairside Assistant | Dental Assistant Jobs In Michigan | Sarah Coleman Dental Assistant | Dental Assistant Pay Scale